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Save Money on Your Oakland Hot Water Bill

Posted by on Jan 4, 2014 in Plumbing Repair Oakland, Water Heater Repair Oakland | 0 comments

This time of year throughout the winter heating period, many people are aware of trying to conserve cash on heating the home. This makes it a good time for being efficient with ones water heating also, especially since it generally accounts for around 18 percent of the typical utility costs each month. Water Heater Repair Oakland’s 4 Ways to Save Hot Water Expenses The 4 general methods to minimize ones water heating costs in the house are fairly easy: do not utilize as much hot water, turn down the thermostat temperature setting on the water heater, add insulation to the hot water...

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Oakland Winter Water Heater Precautions

Posted by on Dec 4, 2013 in Water Heater Repair Oakland | 0 comments

As we get in the winter, water heater difficulties can have a tendency to develop. Changing a water heater is an undesirable, however sometimes essential, expenditure this time of year. There are numerous reasons why water heaters have a tendency to break down throughout the cold season that Water Heater Repair OaklandĀ talks about here. As a water heater ages, if it is not drained and flushed at all or at least on a fairly regular basis, scale and sediment will develop inside the storage tank. Depending on water conditions, the maker of the water heater will suggest this procedure to occur...

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