How To Insulate Ones Oakland Water Heater

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We love to share ideas on how to save on energy expenses at home here at Water Heater Repair Oakland. Here are some of the best ways to get ones water heater ready for the winter months.

A simple method to inspect ones water heater’s need for insulation is to put ones hand near or on the outside of the storage tank. It is feels warm, insulating the tank is suggested. Throughout the winter season this heat loss you just felt can accumulate. On the other hand in the summertime, if the water heater is located inside the house, and not in a garage, it can add heat to the space that you are attempting to cool. The heat you feel is certainly heat being lost. If it is not warm at all that is a great indication that the tank’s internal insulation is in respectable shape. Brand-new water heating units are being produced with a good quantity of internal insulation today. You can inspect the manufacture’s label to see exactly what the R-value is. If it R-24 or higher, one ought to be in fantastic shape without having to include an insulation blanket to the water heater.Water Heater Repair Oakland

Oakland Water Heater Blankets

The remedy for this heat loss is with a water heater blanket or wrap. Initially consult your energy company, for some have insulation kits at decreased expenses for property owners. A hot water heater blanket will be available in various sizes depending upon the gallon size of the storage tank. The greater the R-value, the more insulation it has. We would recommend getting at least an R-11.

The blankets are simple to set up. They will have insulation tape to complete the joints of the blanket. The shinny or vinyl side goes on the exterior.

For gas water heaters, wrap it all around, leaving the top flue unwrapped, and unwrapped around the controller on the bottom. Likewise, do not wrap the T&P valve lever, or the bottom of tank for that is where air gets in. For electric water heaters, the top can be wrapped for there is not an exhaust flue, however do not wrap the heating-element access panels.

Water heater blankets will certainly last a very long time. You might even have the ability to utilize the exact same one once again whenever the water heater is changed, providing it’s the exact same size storage tank.

Water Heater Pipe Insulation

There are 2 kinds of pipe insulation that ought to be utilized for a water heater. For pipes that are within 6 inches of the water heater exhaust flue, fiberglass insulation wrap ought to be utilized and ought to be connected with either high temperature aluminum tape or wire. Foam insulation sleeves can be utilized for all the pipes that are additionally away then 6 inches of the flue then.

The United States Department of Energy recommends that property owners insulate a minimum of 6 feet of the pipe entering and from the water heater. This can increase the temperature level at the faucets 2 to 4 degrees and conserve cash on heating. Water Heater Repair Oakland CA likewise recommends wrapping both the cold and hot pipes too simply since every bit helps.

Energy Savings from Oakland Water Heater Insulation

Insulating an ineffective water heater can cut the expense of running that heater by 5 % to 10 %. Depending upon the design, that can conserve anywhere from $5 to $20 annually, meaning that a water heater blanket can be paid for in 1 to 4 years. Adding insulation might decrease standby heat losses by 25 % – 45 % and conserve about 4 % – 9 % in water heating expenses.

How to Size A New Oakland Water Heater

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Shopping around for a brand-new water heater? For many people, it is not the most enjoyable sort of shopping to do, and for many people it might not be the easiest. Many water heater repair companies will definitely do an excellent job of making appropriate suggestions for ones options. If one is inclined to do some more in depth research oneself, below are some links that will be helpful.

Energy Cost Calculators
The U.S. Department of Energy has an energy cost calculator for electric and gas type water heaters on its website that is handy. It could appear a little daunting, however one need to have the ability to fill in most of the fields and get an approximation of just how much it will cost to run ones water heater.

Water Heater SizingWater Heater Repair Oakland
Many of the manufacturers of water heaters have sizing calculators on their websites to identify what the suitable size heater will be thinking about the quantity of water to be heated up at peak times of the day. Here are links to A.O. Smith  and Bradford White.

Many gas providers have nice tools on their websites to determine costs as well. Contact your local gas or electric company to see exactly what they have published. Likewise, here is a cool device from the River Network in Portland, OR that will analyze the energy and greenhouse gas emissions for any location in the United States.

Do not be reluctant to get in touch with Water Heater Repair Oakland with any questions you might specifically have with identifying the very best size water heater for your Oakland house.

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Proper Water Heater Temperature Setting

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Much has been debated over exactly what is an optimum water heater temperature level setting. Many sources, including ENERGY STAR, offer the energy saving aspects of temperatures of 120 degrees or lower. And yes, there are savings to be had, however reasonably for those whose current setting is closer to the conventional factory preset temperature of 140 degrees.

On the other hand, fewer share info about the possibility of contracting Legionella bacteria with a lower setting, especially with a temperature lower than 120 degrees. OSHA states some exceptional safety measures for preventing this.

Water Heater Repair Oakland’s conclusions are that it is something that each household has to weigh in terms of potential health issues largely. For those with children or with elderly people in the house, a higher setting can be a water scalding issue. On the other hand, those prone to contracting respiratory infections, a higher setting needs to be used.

Below is an infographic highlighting the different temperature growth ranges of Legionella.

Water Heater Repair Oakland

Oakland 10 Minute Water Heater Maintenance Check

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We are going to put you to work today, however only for about 10 minutes. Yep, that’s all it will consider these two vital water heater maintenance jobs; however, Water Heater Repair Oakland understands they will do an exceptional task of assisting with 3 things:

  1. Having your water heater last as long as possible (that will conserve you money).
  2. Seeing to it the water heater runs safely (we do not desire it to blow up).
  3. Having it run as energy efficiently as possible (likewise saving you money).

So with that in mind, are you all set to spend 10 minutes once or two times a year to assist in saving some money? Water Heater Repair Oakland CA thought so.

Testing the T&P Relief Valve

Frequently called the T&P Valve, or the temperature and pressure relief valve, has a crucial task. It assists see to it excess pressure does not build up inside the water tank, or in much more easy terms, it ensures the water heater does not explode. As the photo shows, it has a lever or little handle on it. All you need to do is raise it part way and then let go of it. Hopefully, it snapped back to its shut position rapidly. If it is working properly, a little water can be heard entering into the drain pipe below the lever you just lifted and you possibly heard some pressure being released. If none of these things have actually taken place during the test, the valve will require to be replaced.

As states: “dripping TP relief valves are unsafe. The hazard is that minerals in the water supply accumulate inside the valve during the passage of hot water through the valve assembly. That accumlation of scale will eventually block operation of the relief valve, causing the relief valve to fail to operate properly if unsafe pressure or temperature occurs in the water heater in the future. The risk, ultimately, is a water heater tank or heating boiler explosion.”  (read more…)

Perform a Mimi Water Heater Tank Flush

By nature, rust and deterioration will take place inside the water storage tank thanks to the chemical reactions taking place with all the components inside that are required to warm the water. We will not get too technical right here, however it is simple to help avoid this from happening by doing a flush or draining of all or a portion of the water in the tank.

For simply a mini flush, position a pail under the drain valve below the tank. Open the drain valve and fill the pail with water. Drain a minimum of a few gallons of water in all. Let the water sit in the container for a couple of minutes to settle and examine if there is much that settles to the bottom of the pail. If there is, if the water heater has not been drained for a long period of time (or ever), it would be best to do a full flush of the tank to get as much of the sediment out as possible. You will wish to turn the temperature dial down and could wish to let the water cool off for about an hour first so it is not too hot while draining it. Likewise, it would be easier to attach a hose to the drain valve and let the water go outside instead of making use of buckets.

If the water looks relatively clean and clear from the tiny test you should be all set. When the water heater has a large quantity of sediment inside of it, it can make loud popping noises and it cuts down on its effectiveness too.

Though water heaters are relatively maintenance free and easy to operate, whenever you feel the slightest uncomfortable or are uncertain of what to do, it is always best to have a plumbing professional assist with the situation.

Water Heater Repair Oakland

Correct Water Heater Venting Techniques

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Water Heater Repair Oakland is discussing the following ideas about correct water heater venting for homeowners to have a basic understanding of how the different types of sorts of venting work. They are not planned to be how-to directions for residents to perform themselves. The training and licensing of an expert plumbing repair service specialist is constantly crucial.Water Heater Repair Oakland

As far as gas water heaters go, there are two popular venting selections: direct vent water heaters and power vent water heaters. Depending on which kind of system one uses will depend upon the direction the vent is installed from the water heater to the outside so the harmful gases produced from the water heater’s burner are not launched inside the house, but rather sent into the outside environment. You might have heard the term atmospheric water heater while taking a look at different types of water heaters. Also, air should be sent out into the water heater for combustion to take place.

This video gives some tasks to perform to help see if your water heater is currently properly vented:

Direct Vent Water Heaters
It is optimal if the air needed for combustion is from outside the home in order to lessen the threat of fires from the combustible vapors of the water heater. The air from outside the home will either be vented out a wall or the roof of the home. Direct vent systems will help address the concern of not having enough indoor ventilation by drawing in air from outside your house.

The fundamental concepts of a direct vent water heater is that the heat produced from the burning of fuel is used to heat the water in the storage tank. The exhaust gases are then vented outside the house. Because warm air is lighter than cool air, the exhaust gases will naturally increase and go out with the venting system. The optimal circumstance is to have the vent pipes be installed to go vertically out from the water heater, without any need of any sort of blower to assist push the gases out. One still should be careful about backdrafting, which is when the exhaust fumes enter back into the house instead of leaving through the vent to the outside. Likewise, traditional atmospherically-vented water heaters are not as energy efficient as other more recent types that do not enable as much of the warm air produced to leave up through the vent pipes.

Within the category of direct vent water heaters there are different types we will not discuss now, that can have different sorts of venting choices, like having a single or dual vent channel. Nonetheless, there are times when a blower is required to assist with the removal of the gases, which leads this conversation to power vent water heaters.

The following video explains in more detail the details of a direct vent system:

Power Vent Water Heaters
As can be presumed from above, power vent water heaters have a fan or blower connected to help with the removal of exhaust gases from the hot water heater. There are times that a water heater can not be installed where it is simple to install a vertical vent or chimney. Because a fan is made use of for eliminating the exhaust gases, the vent pipes can be installed either horizontally or vertically, or a mix of both.

The primary benefit then for power venting is that ones water heater can be installed practically inside the home. Another benefit is that generally PVC pipes can be made use of for the venting because the blower will cool the exhaust air enough that it will not be too hot for the PVC pipe to deal with.

Some drawbacks with a power vent system is that it may cost some to initially set up if the existing venting system is not in set up. And, the equipment cost of the blower (though not that pricey) and if one has to set up a power outlet within 6 feet of the water heater’s location. It will utilize some electric power to run the fan however that likewise is not a large expenditure. Lastly, the blowers, relying on the type, run reasonably quietly, but some residents do not like the additional ambient sound it makes. With the appropriate setup Water Heater Repair Oakland can help lower the noise of the blower within the house.

In conclusion, there are a fair quantity of distinctions between direct and power vented water heaters. We recommend taking a look at the ENERGY STAR details here too in regards to the different types of energy efficiency ratings for the different types of kinds of heaters. In terms of which one is best for your house will be picked with an expert water heater replacement company.

Are Oakland Tankless Water Heaters Practical

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There is a great deal of talk about the benefits and drawbacks of tankless water heaters verses storage tank water heaters. Water Heater Repair Oakland is going to begin a conversation on tankless heaters today, mentioning some of the claims and discussing the truths. They have benefits and downsides over traditional water heaters and it could just depend upon what ones specific usage needs are that will determine which sort of the correct one for ones house. Water Heater Repair Oakland

The fundamental concept of making use of a tankless water heater is one of being energy efficient. Water is heated as it is utilized, and not stored in the large tank of a conventional water heater, constantly heated up so it is prepared whenever it is to be made use of. Also, considering that they can hang on the wall and use up practically no space at all, they are very practical.

Electrical Usage

Because tankless water heaters do require 240 volts of electrical power and approximately 160 amps to set up, one could need to have ones electrical box updated to accommodate the power demand of the system. For instance, and not to get extremely technical here, a standard tank water heater has around a 4500 watt heating element, verses four, 7000 watt elements of a whole-house tankless one.

When it comes to efficiency, According to the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH), and supported by Housing and Urban Development (HUD), “further testing is needed to determine if electric tankless water heaters will match the efficiency of tank-type heaters.”

Appropriate Sizing

Tankless systems are sized by the flow rate measured in gallons per minute (GPM). One will have to figure out when and what ones highest demand of hot water is to correctly determine the very best size system to purchase.

Below is the formula for figuring this out from Keltec Inc:

Flow rate (GPM)
Temperature rise ( T ºF)

Water Heater Repair Oakland CA

To determine the size and kilowatt rating you need, apply this formula:
“The result of this formula is the maximum kW needed to accomplish your project requirements for on-demand heated water. Other media will vary slightly. This formula is a nearly universal method of calculation for energy input to yield temperature at required water flow.”

Water Quality on the Tankless System

The quality of the water one has in ones house requirements to be analyzed as well in order to get the most from a tankless water heater. If ones water is high in mineral content, like calcium, they will develop on the coils over time and minimize the life expectancy of the unit. If the water hardness at ones house is above 11 grains per gallon, a water softener would be advised. Producers do include de-liming directions and generally have a warning light on the system to recognize when this must be carried out. However, remember what the makers guarantee covers. If it is just against manufacturer’s defect, this will not cover any repairs needed due to ones water quality. In perfect conditions, a tankless system will last much longer than a standard water heater, which can assist validate the greater preliminary product expense and setup costs, but one will have to bear in mind keeping it running properly to make back ones financial investment.

Service and Repair Costs

These costs are typically higher for a tankless system than a standard water heater, just to have a heads up. Lots of individuals usually do not have their standard water heater services too frequently (regrettably) but it is recommended to have a tankless unit skillfully serviced as soon as a year.

Instantaneous Hot Water

This must not be that huge of a deal, but though manufacturers do advertise immediate hot water. Undoubtedly one recognized that it takes a moment for the hot water being heated immediately to go through ones hot water pipe to the faucet or shower. Though, if one is simply turning on the faucet a little the tankless heater’s burner may not fire up if the faucet is not opened up more. For example, a flow rate of 1/2 gallons to 2 gallons per minute is required for electric tankless heaters to heat water.

Depending on the amount of hot water one requires at the exact same time, even more than one system will should be set up. This is simple to do, however certainly increases the equipment costs while doing so.

Equipment and Set Up Costs

A typical cost range for tankless heaters is around $800 to $1200. A normal storage tank water heater it is around $300 to $500. Set up expenses are about $1200 and $300 respectively then too. One will, once again, most likely require an electrical upgrade, in addition to a different gas pipe setup (if making use of a gas tankless heater), and a brand-new ventilation system. A benefit of replacing ones water heater with a system similar to the existing one is most of these upgrades will not be needed – they are already st up.

Benefits of Going Tankless

No stored water, which in itself has numerous benefits. First, if there was to be a leak with a tank heater, there could possibly be water damage to ones house. Also, one ought to flush the tank at least once a year to keep mineral build up low, however there is the capacity for stinky water smells, bad tasting water, and the growth of legionella bacteria in the storage tank if it is not at a high enough temperature level. Traditional water heaters use up much even more space too.

The previous video shows the advantages of tankless water heaters and this video expresses some of the drawbacks of tankless water heaters:


Here is what Consumer Reports has found: “Gas tankless water heaters, which use high-powered burners to quickly heat water as it runs through a heat exchanger, were 22 percent more energy efficient on average than the gas-fired storage-tank models in our tests. That translates into a savings of around $70 to $80 per year, based on 2008 national energy costs. But because they cost much more than storage water heaters, it can take up to 22 years to break even longer than the 20-year life of many models. Moreover, our online poll of 1,200 readers revealed wide variations in installation costs, energy savings, and satisfaction.”

The Center for Energy and Environment  says that “A 37% savings of water heating energy per household was found for replacing a typical natural draft storage water heater with a tankless one. However, this savings was not enough to offset the high incremental cost resulting in paybacks from 20 to 40 years.”

Finally, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association concludes that “Tankless water heaters generally aren’t as energy efficient as well-kept tank water heaters. Insulation, temperature setback, timers, and heat traps can all lower energy costs with tank water heaters.”

One indicate is that indeed, tankless systems will use less gas than a conventional gas water heater which does have its ecological benefits. Nevertheless, a lot of electricity is made use of, for electricity takes longer to heat water than gas. And, most electrical energy is produced from burning nonrenewable fuel sources.


Just like any kind of innovation, the field of water heating is ever advancing. Efficiency advances are happening with conventional gas and particularly electric storage tank water heaters. There are various benefits with tankless and standard heaters that one will have to think about. Do not hesitate to let Water Heater Repair Oakland know of any questions you might have in the choice process.

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Possible Disadvantages of Oakland Solar Water Heating

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When a solar water heater is mentioned, some people could picture a hot water tank or swimming pool furnace, but it is in fact a way to warm a house effectively and easily utilizing water and solar power. As all of us know, the rising expense of home heating by conventional approaches has numerous trying to find alternative means to keep their residences comfortable during the winter season months. Solar power is just among several alternative energies that is being looked at by today’s expense conscience homeowner that Water Heater Repair Oakland desires to go over today.  The ideas here are for heating a home and is the first of a series of posts we will have on using solar for home heating as well as water heating.

Using Solar Hot Water to Heat Your Oakland HomeOakland Water Heater Repair

Solar water heaters can work in combination with a hydronic home heater. The fundamentals are water is heated by a boiler is run with a series of pipes and valves beneath the floor of a house. Taking total benefit of radiant heat, this system can keep a home warmer than an air-forced system and approximately 40 % in energy costs can be saved if it is run with gas or electric. If you decide to operate your boiler utilizing solar energy, operating expenses could effectively be no.

The concept of have a water heater system that does not cost anything to run sound incredible but let us initially take a look at a few of the downsides to make certain it will be an excellent suitable for your home. Oakland Water Heater Repair desires you to be knowledgeable about both the advantages and drawbacks before making a choice.

Drawbacks of Solar Water Heating

One of the primary downsides of solar water heating is the preliminary setup costs. Depending on the size of the home, several solar collection panels will require to be installed which can get pricey, though the total costs of panels has dropped substantially over the past a number of years. However with a life-span of around 20 years, solar panels more than spend for themselves in energy savings. In truth, they can spend for themselves in as little as 3 years. So one requires to ask if the initial financial investment will worth the future energy conserving costs. As an example, if one isn’t going to be residing in ones current home for years, it may not be worth the investment, unless by having the system will contribute to the value of the house in a sale.

An additional problem is the installation of a hydronic system. If one already has one set up at house upgrading to a solar system will not be tough. If one is not set up currently, it would best be saved till a remodel or addition to the home is planned for the sub floor of the home will require to be altered.

The City of Palo Alto has a nice chart of the advantages and disadvantages here.

Since the sun doesn’t shine everyday, solar energy, which counts on this sun obviously, can be unpredictable. Given, your solar water heater will be able to keep energy to be used on cloudy days however you might still have to run a backup furnace from time to time. The advances for solar energy storage is still be researched so homeowners can cheaply store the energy produced.

Some mention solar power’s inefficiency as a dis advantage too, but it might just be a trade off:

“Solar inefficiency is an interesting argument, as efficiency is relative. One could ask “inefficient compared to what?” And “What determines efficiency?” Solar panels currently only have a radiation efficiency of up to 22%, however they don’t create the carbon by-product that coal produces and doesn’t require constant extraction, refinement, and transportation – all of which surely carry weight on efficiency scales.Since the sun doesn’t shine daily, solar energy, which counts on this sun obviously, can be unpredictable. Granted, your solar water heater will be able to save energy to be made use of on cloudy days however you could still need to run a backup heater from time to time. The technology of solar energy storage is still be worked on so homeowners can cheaply save the energy produced.”  (read more…)

Bear in mind that these downsides must not deter one from seeking a solar power source to heat up the home however are indicated only to assist in making a clever choice. Heating a house with solar power is a wonderful way to save a great deal of money and Earth’s natural deposits.

Water Heater Repair Oakland CA will be adding an article on the advantages of solar water heating soon!

Save Money on Your Oakland Hot Water Bill

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This time of year throughout the winter heating period, many people are aware of trying to conserve cash on heating the home. This makes it a good time for being efficient with ones water heating also, especially since it generally accounts for around 18 percent of the typical utility costs each month.

Water Heater Repair Oakland’s 4 Ways to Save Hot Water Expenses

The 4 general methods to minimize ones water heating costs in the house are fairly easy: do not utilize as much hot water, turn down the thermostat temperature setting on the water heater, add insulation to the hot water tank and pipes, and change an older system with an energy effective one, those with the ENERGY STAR® label. Let’s take a look at these in some even more detail now.

Using Less Hot WaterWater Heater Repair Oakland

This may appear challenging however most of the means in which to do so are not that hard or pricey to do. For example, by changing faucets and showerheads with low-flow, aerating designs will decrease the amount of water used. An additional obvious tip is to repair any faucets that have leaks. It is remarkable just how much water is squandered from a relatively simple faucet drip! That water accumulates quickly as an additional cost even if it is not hot water that is trickling.


There are various insulation kits one can acquire that will cover the entire water heater tank. These work well. For gas or oil units, just make sure not to cover the top or bottom of the unit, the thermostat as well as the burner compartment in order for the system to work effectively. As for electric models, just have to have the thermostat discovered.

The first six feet of pipe, both hot and cold, from the water heater ought to be covered in insulation too. One can likewise set up heat traps on the hot and cold pipes at the water heater if ones existing water heater does not currently have them built-in. Numerous newer designs do.

Thermostat Settings

Many recommend turning the thermostat to a minimum of 120 degrees. Yes, this will assist conserve energy expenditures. There is, however, argument over bacteria growing at 120 degrees or less. OSHA recommends a setting of 140 degrees. With this setting at the water heater itself, the real tap temperature level will be more like 122 degrees. This is the finest setting for those worried about Legionnaires’ disease, where the organism can grow at temperature levels less than 122 degrees. On the other hand, those with younger kids will not want the water to be too hot either.

Water Heater Replacements with Energy Efficient Models

This goes not just for water heaters, but for dishwashers and clothes washing machines too. A lot of water heaters last 10 to 15 years is preserved well. Though the ones available today are far more energy effective than those from 10 years back. The most energy efficient ones do cost more however normally last longer and will save money on energy expenses over the life of the unit.  The US Department of Energy has tips on shopping for appliances here.

Tankless water heaters could be a good alternative depending upon the quantity of hot water one makes use of, or choosing a heat pump water heater too. These utilize half the electricity than a standard electric water heater. They can likewise assist dehumidify ones home in the summer season when found in the basement.

Solar water heaters can be an outstanding alternative is one has the right amount of sunlight on a south-facing roofing system, particularly if going electric is exactly what one has to utilize. The following video is on a solar water heater installation in Canada:

There are various tax cost savings and state incentives that are offered too. Have a look at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency for support.  Here is also a nice energy calculator by the Home Energy Saver as well.

Water Heater Repair Oakland hopes this has been an excellent starting point for you with taking steps to save on the hot water used in the house.

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Oakland Winter Water Heater Precautions

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As we get in the winter, water heater difficulties can have a tendency to develop. Changing a water heater is an undesirable, however sometimes essential, expenditure this time of year. There are numerous reasons why water heaters have a tendency to break down throughout the cold season that Water Heater Repair Oakland talks about here.Water Heater Repair Oakland

As a water heater ages, if it is not drained and flushed at all or at least on a fairly regular basis, scale and sediment will develop inside the storage tank. Depending on water conditions, the maker of the water heater will suggest this procedure to occur yearly. Not just will this keep the damaging build up from forming inside the tank, it will keep the unit going for optimum efficiency, keeping regular monthly energy expenses down too.

Furthermore, the cooler temperature levels influence the water temperature that comes into the house. The bigger the water temperature level difference, the harder a water heater has to work to deliver hot water to the house. Unless the water heater is in good condition and well kept it is more most likely to fail this time of year.

Exactly what impact does cold water have? As cold water enters into the water heater it travels through what is called a “dip tube.” The dip tube pushes the inbound cold water to the bottom of the water heater pushing the hot water out of the water heater. As it does this, the cold water coming in from the bottom passes over the lower water heating element. The abrupt water difference in temperature level shocks the element of the heater and a weak heating element is more likely to fail.

Exactly what Can One Do

Ensure the water heater is in great total shape. If one has actually not arranged a professional service within the last year, now is the time to do so. Having Water Heater Repair Oakland carry out a full assessment on the unit to ensure water heater worries are not coming.

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Drain Cleaning Oakland CA Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

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While numerous individuals are out shopping the Friday early morning after Thanksgiving day Plumbing Repair Oakland is active helping too many individuals with clogged up drains and toilets.

Drain Cleaning Oakland CA Holiday Tips

It is typically garbage disposals that the majority of individuals have the hardest time with during the holiday period with all the extra food preparation that gets done so the disposal works overtime. Things to be conscious of NOT putting down the disposal are turkey bones, poultry skin, potato peels, celery (anything stringy) and fruit. Also, see to it you have the water running before you turn the disposal on, and afterwards start grinding things up.

One of the biggest thing to look out for that is easy to do because it is a liquid, is putting cooking oil and grease down the sink drain. It may be a liquid when it goes down, but in a cold drain line (presuming you could be having cold weather already) it can quickly develop up and congest the sink drain. Sort of like it does in our arteries, not to put a bad taste in your mouth thinking of all the fantastic food you will be making this holiday … perhaps we need to write a short article about healthy holiday foods next!

Likewise, if you are having guests in, ensure to keep a trashcan in plain sight in the restroom NEXT to the toilet. It will certainly help with any undesirable items being flushed … hopefully … at least with adults.

If you seem to have any slow-moving drains now, give Water Heater Repair Oakland a call to clean them out good prior to guests arriving and cooking your feast. We would have more time to come before Thanksgiving than after, but you are welcome to save some turkey and stuffing for us for Black Friday.Drain Cleaning Oakland CA